Schematic Design Services

As the principal of HC Design, Heidi Condon meets with the client to discuss the scope of work and brainstorm the project.  We start with each client providing a written "wish list" of goals, as well as images of the look they would like to achieve for their home. The more information clients can provide, articulating what they like, the more accurate the initial design options will be. is a great place to build an 'Idea Book' of desirable images.

Once Heidi meets with a client and reviews the existing conditions, she provides several free-hand design options to achieve the client's goals for the renovation or addition to their home. Typically, clients choose various details from each of the different schemes presented. The Schematic options typically have details that can be mixed and matched-- each will have a different kitchen layout, master suite design, window and roofline options, so that the client can see the ideas on paper in different formats. When dealing with renovations and additions, the goal is to achieve a seamless transition from old to new. HC Design then sketches the preferred concepts in a final freehand schematic design for the client's approval.  Then work will begin on the Construction Documents.
We prodive SF cost ranges, but every builder will end up providing a different cost for thre same project, tailored to the proposed schematic design options for each client. Schematic Design phase takes 2-3 weeks to generate options.